Hardware recommendation

chandru <>
Fri Feb 24 14:41:42 CET 2006

On 24/02/06, Gordon Guthrie <> wrote:
> The DL585 is an enterprise class 64 bit Wintel server with on-board ILO
> access, hot disk swap, dual power supplies. These are properly engineered,
> very solid bits of kit.
> I wouldn't regard Solaris 10 for X84/64-86 as enterprise ready and vetoed its
> use on Wintel hardware here - (there was an additional complication that the
> intention was to run it in virtual mode under VMWare which is even further
> from being enterprise ready...)...
Thanks! Have you used Solaris 10 on these h/w. Why do you think it is
not enterprise ready?

> If I had the money to myself however, a DL585 running Solaris 10 would be just
> smashing...

I was surprised how cheap these are actually (I am not paying for
these out of my pocket :-)) A system with 128GB RAM, 1TB hard disk and
8 CPUs is about 35K GBP including 3 years onsite support!


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