Hardware recommendation

Gordon Guthrie <>
Fri Feb 24 17:47:59 CET 2006

> Thanks! Have you used Solaris 10 on these h/w. Why do you think it is
> not enterprise ready?

It is not enterprise ready for a number of reasons:
* Solaris 10 on Sparc is pretty much brand new (we are in the process of
  formulating a Solaris 8 to 10 upgrade strategy for our boxes - V-range up
  to a F12K)
* Solaris on x86/x64-86 is not widely used yet
* Solaris has entered and left the x64-86 market once already with their
  AMD based servers
* Sun support and care for the previous x86 range of Solaris was rubbish

The criteria to determine if it is enterprise ready are not really technical:
* is the company going to support the product?
* has the product been taken up by a significant user base?
* is it rational to commmit to this product?
  - staff retraining
  - mandatory purchase of this platform
  - integration with other products
* etc, etc

The sort of things that make this a big deal if you have dozens of boxes, but 
are really just chump change if you have 2 or 3... YMMV


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