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Gordon Guthrie <>
Fri Feb 24 14:49:48 CET 2006

The DL585 is an enterprise class 64 bit Wintel server with on-board ILO 
access, hot disk swap, dual power supplies. These are properly engineered, 
very solid bits of kit.

We have around 500 Wintel class servers (1). Our old standard procurement was:
* DL360 (1U, 2 CPU, 2 disk, 32-bit)
* DL380 (2U, 2 CPU, 5 disk, 32bit)

We are currently shifting to the new 64-bit range as standard:
* DL365 (1U, 2 CPU, 2 disk, 64-bit)
* DL385 (2U, 2 CPU, 5 disk, 64-bit)
* DL585 (2U, 4 CPU, 5 disk, 64-bit)

The Proliant range was the old system standard Wintel kit for Scottish 
Enterprise, Intelligent Finance/Halifax and Direct Line Financial Services 
where I worked previously. 'Nobody ever got sacked for buying Hewlie-Pak!' - 
Dell are not really regarded as enterprise ready in this space - the only 
other option would be IBM kit which is rock solid.

I wouldn't regard Solaris 10 for X84/64-86 as enterprise ready and vetoed its 
use on Wintel hardware here - (there was an additional complication that the 
intention was to run it in virtual mode under VMWare which is even further 
from being enterprise ready...)...

If I had the money to myself however, a DL585 running Solaris 10 would be just 


(1) Wintel covers Netware, NT4 and Linux, I know, but what else can you do...

Quoting chandru <>:

> Hello,
> Has anyone used the HP DL585 ProLiant servers for any critical
> applications? Or any HP hardware for that matter? I've never run any
> erlang apps on HP hardware and I'm not sure what to expect. The OS
> will be Solaris 10. It costs only half as much as an equivalent SUN
> machine (with our supplier atleast).
> cheers
> Chandru

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