Erlang and Ice

Ryan Rawson <>
Tue Feb 7 23:33:09 CET 2006


I've heard good things about ice, but mostly in the context of the
good things the devs have done.  I dont know anyone using it right

As for my problem, the reads arent technically transactional, so we
dont have to deal with that overhead.  They will be in the form of
"give me data for the terms X,Y,Z".  Some vectorizing of the calls
will be possible, to reduce IO overhead.  The estimate I gave was just
strictly reads.

In terms of getting that much data out of a single machine, I have at
my disposal as many machines as I need (within reason).  That is I'm
hoping parallelism across machines will help me.


On 2/7/06, Serge Aleynikov <> wrote:
> Hi Ryan,
> I haven't used Ice, however skimming through its 1650-page manual makes
> me wonder if Ice is something widely used.
> Erlang OTP comes with ei interface that allows to write C-based clients.
>   There is an EPI library (beta version) on that
> encapsulates ei and gives you with C++ interface.
> In any event, getting million reads per second is going to be quite a
> challenge.  Is it million transactions of a single read each, or N
> transactions with M reads per second (N*M = 10^6)?  While the second
> case seems challenging yet doable, I am pretty skeptical about the
> feasibility of the first one without running into various I/O related
> bottlenecks.
> Serge
> Ryan Rawson wrote:
> > Has anyone used Ice ( and Erlang together?
> >
> > On a broader note, I'm investigating hooking up a C++ client and a
> > Erlang server.  The basic idea is to use a high speed binary-oriented
> > interface to support million of reads/second against an Erlang server.
> >
> > Anyone have any suggestions?
> >
> > -ryan

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