[erlang-questions] Include ERTS in an escript package

Mark Geib mark.geib.44@REDACTED
Thu Jan 10 22:48:44 CET 2019

I normally build erlang releases with rebar3 for deployment in our production environments. I do not require erlang to be installed on these systems since the release includes erlang, etc.

I have a need to provide a escript for some metrics gathering and housekeeping operations, but with no erlang on these production
servers I am wondering what the best approach is to provide these escripts for production.

My question, is it possible, with rebar3 to package an escript in such a way as to include erlang, eliminating the dependency of
 install erlang on these servers. This would also allow me to continue providing releases based on different versions of erlang that run 
on the same production server.


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