[erlang-questions] move from centos to xubuntu - no error

Wes James comptekki@REDACTED
Mon Nov 18 19:11:22 CET 2013

I copied the cowboy project that I got working to another machine (centos
to xubuntu), but it crashes with the same code when accessing the web
site.  I see a bunch of handshake errors.  I see this also:

=ERROR REPORT==== 18-Nov-2013::10:45:50 ===
** State machine <0.594.0> terminating
** Last message in was {tcp,#Port<0.1311>,


** When State == hello
**      Data  == {state,server,


** Reason for termination =
** {'function not exported',

Any idea what this means?

I have deleted deps, and _rel folders, recompiled, recreated certs, still
same errors.


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