Bundler like framework in erlang ?

Nicholas Wieland ngw@REDACTED
Tue Feb 22 17:21:55 CET 2011

Hi *, I'm starting my first project in Erlang, and deeply enjoying the experience.
My question is mainly about the ecosystem and how to use it at my advantage than a question about the language itself, if this is not the right place I would be glad if you can point me at the right resource.
I would like to use mochikit, cappuccino.erl and an S3 library, to develop an HTTP service that has to integrate with a RoR app and ping it back after doing some work. It's not a complex service (I'm new after all), but it *must* be asynchronous and handle quite some load, that's why I thought Erlang would be perfect (and I *must* get my hands dirty in a way or another :).

A lot of libraries I want to use are external (most of them are hosted by github), I wanted to ask if there's something like bundler to manage all this (http://gembundler.com/) or alternative native ways to automate the development and the deployment of the whole thing (I was thinking for example at Clojure's Leinigen).
Bear with me, I'm a newbie.


Nicholas Wieland
StyleJam BDFL

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