If I'm interested in Erlang who and which organizations should I follow on Twitter?

Thu Feb 24 00:46:54 CET 2011

I have a list you can follow containing 48 erlangers:


Most of the people know each other from conferences and twitter, so a lot
of the traffic involves things other than erlang, but you will find out
about hack projects, github releases, job openings or calls for
consultants, papers and conferences, and other erlang things.  You will
also more likely find out about other technologies, great ways to build
things, latest technology trends, books, databases, etc, etc as well as
just personal commentaries.  It is best for giving a sense of how the
industry and individuals are evolving in their individual situations.

I am @duomark and wander from Taco Bell Programming to erlang to CouchDB,
politics, financial markets, VC news/tips, etc.


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