Status of "frames"? Replacing records...

Tony Arcieri tony.arcieri@REDACTED
Mon Feb 14 01:19:43 CET 2011

As the creator of Reia, a language for the Erlang VM, I keep hearing rumors
of "frames", a runtime construct which can supplement/replace records, and
am very interested in this as my language contains two things (dicts and
object instance variables/hidden state) which are great candidates for
replacement with frames. As dicts are first-class constructs in Reia, I
would like for pattern matching to work with them, and short of frames, my
best choice is orddicts, which I'm strongly considering moving to for the
interim, although orddicts alone can't supply the semantics I want whereas
frames could.

More information about frames and the proposed implementation is available

So I'd like to ask the Erlang/OTP team (and the community) what the actual
implementation status of frames is. Is it just an idea? Is it actively being
worked on? If it's actively being worked on, how soon can we plan on seeing
a release which supports them, at least experimentally?

Tony Arcieri
Medioh! Kudelski

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