Java-style "packaged" module names in

Andrey Pampukha andrey.pampukha@REDACTED
Sun Feb 13 15:25:56 CET 2011

Hi all,

Just curious about some BIFs named in the following notation found in
bif 'erl.lang.float':from_string/1
bif 'erl.lang.integer':from_string/1
bif 'erl.lang.proc':string_to_pid/1
bif 'erl.lang.tuple':from_list/1
bif 'erl.system.code':load/2
bif 'erl.system.code':loaded/0
bif '':local/0

For how long and why they are there?
I've read manual page for 'packages' ( and I guess all those 'erl'.*
modules were introduced at the same moment as this unsupported feature.
Am I right? Is there any plans to occasionally start supporting this? I know
it's not very important "feature", but it could be interesting...



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