[erlang-questions] Drupal cloan anybody?

Marc Worrell marc@REDACTED
Thu Feb 26 17:20:36 CET 2009

Hi Joe,

Right now we are building a quite complete content management system  
in Erlang.
We took Nitrogen, ErlyDTL, Webmachine, Mochiweb, epgsql and some other  
components and threw it into our kitchen machine.

To this we added a healthy dose of experience with building web based  
information management systems.

Some background: we are (and were) the designers and maintainers of  
the information management system anyMeta.  We ran into some problems  
between php and what we like to do, so after a study of django, rails,  
nitrogen and others we decided to create an erlang based system.

One of the maintainers of Drupal told me that anyMeta is what Drupal  
wanted to be...

Our framework is still rough and unfinished, and we are a bit stressed  
as our first customer site should go live within two weeks. (yes, we  
are building for a commercial project, not because we just like to  
spend time programming)

We will post more information when we have something that is stable  
enough to be called a 0.1 :-)  That will be a bit after our deadline  
because we need to do some refactoring after that release.

When we have some basis we would like to release it as open source and  
see if there are other people who would like to join in.  Enough to do  
to make it completer, and we will surely welcome some help.

And now, back to work...

- Marc

> Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 13:14:00 +0100
> From: Joe Armstrong <erlang@REDACTED>
> Subject: [erlang-questions] Drupal cloan anybody?
> To: erlang-questions <erlang-questions@REDACTED>
> The other day my son wanted to build a web site ....
> He's no programmer - but he can point a mouse and click.
> He showed me the kind of stuff he wanted. His university has a web
> site and he can administer bits
> of it by pointing and clicking ...
> To cut a long story short ..... drupal
> The idea is nice - Jim User knows nothing about web sites, but can
> fill in a menu and click a button
> and you get a website.
> I thought I'd play with drupal ... bought a book .... read it ...
> (well skimmed through it)

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