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and about the registrations for this workshop? When starts?

Cheers. Christian.

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 11:53 AM, Francesco Cesarini (Erlang Training and
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>  Commercial Users of Functional Programming Workshop (CUFP) 2009
>              Functional Programming As a Means, Not an End
>                          Call for Presentations
>                         Sponsored by SIGPLAN
>                       Co-located with ICFP 2008
>                 Edinburgh,Scotland, 4 September 2009
>    _________________________________________________________________
>                Presentation proposals due 15 May 2009
>                http://cufp.galois.com/2009/call.html <
> http://cufp.functionalprogramming.com>
>    _________________________________________________________________
>  Functional languages have been under academic development for over 25
>  years, and remain fertile ground for programming language research.
>  Recently, however, developers in industrial, governmental, and open
>  source projects have begun to use functional programming successfully
>  in practical applications. In these settings, functional programming
>  has often provided dramatic leverage, including whole new ways of
>  thinking about the original problem.
>  The goal of the CUFP workshop is to act as a voice for these users of
>  functional programming. The workshop supports the increasing viability
>  of functional programming in the commercial, governmental, and
>  open-source space by providing a forum for professionals to share
>  their experiences and ideas, whether those ideas are related to
>  business, management, or engineering. The workshop is also designed to
>  enable the formation and reinforcement of relationships that further
>  the commercial use of functional programming. Providing user feedback
>  to language designers and implementors is not a primary goal of the
>  workshop, though it will be welcome if it occurs.
> Speaking at CUFP
>  If you use functional programming as a means, rather than as an end,
>  we invite you to offer to give a talk at the workshop. Alternatively,
>  if you know someone who would give a good talk, please nominate them!
>  Talks are typically 30-45 minutes long, but can be shorter. They aim
>  to inform participants about how functional programming played out in
>  real-world applications, focusing especially on the re-usable lessons
>  learned, or insights gained. Your talk does not need to be highly
>  technical; for this audience, reflections on the commercial,
>  management, or software engineering aspects are, if anything, more
>  important. You do not need to submit a paper!
>  If you are interested in offering a talk, or nominating someone to do
>  so, send an e-mail to jim (dot) d (dot) grundy (at) intel (dot) com or
>  francesco(at) erlang-consulting (dot) com by 2 June 2008 with a short
>  description of what you'd like to talk about or what you think your
>  nominee should give a talk about. Such descriptions should be about
>  one page long.
> Program Plans
>  CUFP 2008 will last a full day and feature an invited presentation
>  from Bryan O'Sullivan, co-author of Real World Haskell. The program will
>  also include a mix of presentations and discussion sessions. Topics
>  will range over a wide area, including:
>    * Case studies of successful and unsuccessful uses of functional
>      programming;
>    * Business opportunities and risks from using functional languages;
>    * Enablers for functional language use in a commercial setting;
>    * Barriers to the adoption of functional languages, and
>    * Mitigation strategies for overcoming limitations of functional
> programming.
>  There will be no published proceedings, as the meeting is intended to
>  be more a discussion forum than a technical interchange.
>  This will be the sixth CUFP, for more information - including reports
>  from attendees of previous events - see the workshop web site:
>  http://cufp.galois.com/ <http://cufp.functionalprogramming.com>
> If you have any questions, let me know.
> Best regards,
> Francesco & Jim
> --
> http://www.erlang-consulting.com
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