[erlang-questions] erlang flagship product (was The Beauty of Erlang Syntax)

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Wed Feb 25 11:09:22 CET 2009

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> > Show me reliable system in Java with million SLOC. Java is 
> > "academic". Be fair, Java system should have about ten or 
> > more million SLOC to be compared to AXD 301.
> It's a great story but why is the AXD301 (a project from the 1990s) still held 
> up as the flagship example of the virtues of erlang? Is this still the best we 
> have?
> The software development universe has evolved from where it was in 1997. Surely 
> there are more recent examples of projects where erlang delivered functionality 
> and reliability quickly and cheaply.

Pragmatically speaking, Ericsson has spent a lot of money and man-years on developing AXD301, with excellent results and even some public documentation of it all; if someone wants a good example of actual industrial development in Erlang over many years with dozens of programmers, AXD301 can usually beat down any objections.

That said, I wouldn't mind other solid examples either. There are, of course, successful projects and companies, but not as easy to reference. If you just want a well-known, respected product/project to point at, how about ejabberd? 



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