[erlang-questions] how message size effects performance

Per Gustafsson per.gustafsson@REDACTED
Sat Feb 21 18:26:42 CET 2009

Cliff Moon wrote:
> Does anyone have or know of a good breakdown of how message size affects 
> performance, particularly remote messages?  I've heard conflicting 
> reports from people about how the Erlang VM deals with messages that 
> have a high byte count (large binaries, etc).  Some people say that the 
> VM will handle large messages cleanly and in a performant manner, while 
> others have told me that large messages tend to degrade the performance 
> of the entire VM.  I could run benchmarks, but to save me the time does 
> anyone have any sort of data on this?
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All the data in messages are copied except for large binaries (larger 
than 64 bytes). So sending large messages in which the bulk of the data 
is not large binaries will lead to poor performance and high memory 


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