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2009/2/14 Wojciech Kaczmarek <kaczmarek.w@REDACTED>

> 2009/2/13 Dmitrii Dimandt <dmitriid@REDACTED>
>> That's exactly what fess was talking about. Had you not mentioned these
>> projects, no one would ever discover them (well, I would, but I run a
>> Russian Erlang-related-news site, so I scour the web, blogs and mailing
>> lists for news and bits and pieces of info)
>> Erlang should really get a repositroy that is as ubiquitous and as easy to
>> use as Ruby's gem or Perl's CPAN. Yes, there is a lot of utter crap in those
>> repositories, but they are valuable for the fact that you can easily search
>> and instal necessary modules.
>> For instance, I can name at least three mutually incompatible JSON
>> encoding/decoding libraries written for erlang (there are at least 5, I
>> think). Definitely at least two libraries dealing with utf-8. Two OpenID
>> projects. Two dedicated wrappers for traditional RDBMs (and a third, which
>> is a more general ORM-style library). At least three (I think) projects that
>> connect to Amazon's web services in one way or another. Two projects
>> interfacing with memcached. And the list *will* grow. These are just
>> projects I can name off the top of my head
>> "Let a hundred flowers blossom" (c) Mao Zedong
>> Quite often I don't think that authors of some of these project even now
>> that similar projects exist. Forget the users, they will *never* even
>> discover some of them :)
> Hello,
> 3 cents from a perspective of someone who did a lot of searching of quality
> 3rd-party Erlang software during last two years, for the purposes of r&d
> first and later for the production use in a startup.
> Centralized repository is tempting (I missed it at the beginning), but it
> also requires lots of Q&A work. It can be obvious for anybody who
> participated in maintaining some Linux of *BSD distribution. Also it can
> reveal specific social incompatibilies between users, as they needs vary
> more than most of people would like to admit. And it's not very good for the
> perception of the community to start a centralized service which will fail
> later.
> The simpler step is to make searching easier. A website aggregating some
> automatically-retrieved info (from googlecode, github, sourceforge) with a
> human-entered content (by those  authors who'd like to care about it) comes
> to mind. The results could be sorted somehow, with a raw google search
> output as a last resort. Something like that could be plugged into Planet
> Erlang.
> There's no silver bullet when it comes to managing external software. In
> production you usually want to stick with carefully chosen and often patched
> specific versions of 3rd party stuff, otherwise you easily introduce a new
> point of failure and make the release management pain in the ass. I'm very
> happy that  Erlang is the first language making a sane conenction between
> HA-world, where you think about your production environment in a very
> specific way, and the usual "opensource libraries for all, let's grab it"
> approach.

I registered erldocs.com with the intention of doing pretty much exactly
that. right now I am waiting on the ability to fully generate the erlang
documentation from source, then I was planning to improve usability /
searchability, then on importing documentation of open source 3rd party libs

however I am a bit torn because http://erlware.org/documentation/index.html
does a large amount of what I was planning to do, the frontend could be
improved quite a lot, but its a good start.

So i think it comes down to, why arent people using faxien / sinan?, I tried
out a while ago and had some teething issues, however they seem to
recently, I am going to give it a bit more of a thorough look and try
some applications for it. are there any core reasons why people dont use it,
was it purely a maturity issue.

(just to note, it isnt a centralised repository, you can setup your own
and private repos)

> cheers,
> -- Wojtek
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