[erlang-questions] Deleting from a duplicate_bag ets table

Bernard Duggan bernie@REDACTED
Fri Feb 6 00:36:28 CET 2009

Bernard Duggan wrote:
> ...If I have an ets table of type duplicate_bag, and I put
> two of the same item in it, how do I delete just one of them?
Since no answers have been forthcoming, I'm going to assume that there
is no one-step way to do this at present.  In which case...
> ...might I suggest adding a ets:select_delete/3, in the same
> style as ets:select/3?
The function I'm envisaging is essentially:

ets:select_delete(Tab, MatchSpec, Limit) -> NumDeleted

which behaves identically to ets:select_delete/2, but deletes a maximum
of Limit items.  I guess an analogous function should probably be added
for dets as well.



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