[erlang-questions] The document shipped with erlang otp is inconvenient to lookup

Liu Yubao yubao.liu@REDACTED
Tue Feb 3 08:19:29 CET 2009


I'm a newbie to erlang, I often forget which application a
module belongs to and which module a function belongs to,
it's quite annoying to expand all nodes in the navigator
frame, click an application, search a module name or function
name with Ctrl-F in the web browser, back to top page, do
the above actions again...

I want a help system like this:

  application:________[1]   module:________[2]   function:________[3]
  =======================   ==================   ====================
   all                      application          set_path/1 (highlighted)
   kernel (highlighted)     auth                 get_path/0
   stdlib                   code (highlighted)   add_path/1
   ....    [4]              ....  [5]            .....  [6]
  |                                                                    |
  |       document for code:set_path/1                 [7]             |
  |                                                                    |

[1,2,3]: three inputboxes to input regular expression to filter entries
         in [4,5,6]
[4,5,6]: three listboxes to list entries in corresponding class
[7]    : a html viewer to render document for specified function

Is there already a tool like this? If not I plan to write one, I have some
experience with Perl/Tk, but it's a pity Tk doesn't have a html viewer widget.

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