[erlang-questions] [RE] Case insensitivity - Windows trap or bug?

alex alvarez eajam@REDACTED
Thu Jan 24 09:14:15 CET 2008

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I understand your point, although it's important to keep in mind Erlang was developed to work on Unix systems where this is not an issue.  What I was trying to point out is the fact the same problem could be said about many other apps running in Windows.  This is just part of its DOS legacy, and it's SOP in Windows.  Maybe Erlang should do more about this, as well as other things, but in the mean time I would recommend standarizing on lower-case names.  Using Cygwin and/or MSys doesn't hurt either!

Cheers, Alex

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Subject : Re: [erlang-questions] [RE] Case insensitivity - Windows trap or bug?
Date : Sat, 19 Jan 2008 10:30:22 -0800
>From : Doug Edmunds <dae@REDACTED>
To : alex alvarez <eajam@REDACTED>, erlang-questions@REDACTED


I hit that send button too soon. 
Re-reading your email, I see you are not 
advocating Cygwin over XP, instead 
pointing out the similar results. 
My apologies. 

However, I disagree that there is no problem. 
It seems like Erlang asks Windows: "Do you have 
a file named mytest.erl?", and Windows being 
case-insensitive, sees myTest.erl, and says "yes". 

Since Erlang is going to use that filename in 
a case-sensitive manner when compiling it, 
it should check what Windows gave it, 
and say "Wait, this isn't 'mytest.erl', 
this is 'myTest.erl'" and generate an error 

- Doug Edmunds 

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