[erlang-questions] [RE] Case insensitivity - Windows trap or bug?

Doug Edmunds dae@REDACTED
Sat Jan 19 19:30:22 CET 2008


I hit that send button too soon.
Re-reading your email, I see you are not
advocating Cygwin over XP, instead
pointing out the similar results.
My apologies.

However, I disagree that there is no problem.
It seems like Erlang asks Windows: "Do you have
a file named mytest.erl?", and Windows being
case-insensitive, sees myTest.erl, and says "yes".

Since Erlang is going to use that filename in
a case-sensitive manner when compiling it,
it should check what Windows gave it,
and say "Wait, this isn't 'mytest.erl',
this is 'myTest.erl'" and generate an error

- Doug Edmunds

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