[erlang-questions] Erlang 18.3 CentOS RPM/yum failing

Matthew Fitzpatrick <>
Wed Sep 28 22:23:29 CEST 2016

Not sure if anyone else is running into this, but it seems like it happened
very recently guessing with yesterday's update. For myself at least, the
yum installer for 18.3 is not working correctly anymore. It's breaking on
dependency resolutions.

My first question: Is this a "its my computer" problem? Is anyone else
having issues here? I've tried on several different VM's and it seems like
I'm in the clear there and this is a true issue, but I figured I would ask
that first.

And the follow-up, if people ARE having issues, who do we need to bug to
fix the rpm's or how can we go about patching them up?

Side Note: It seems like the erlang 19 packages are fine, if you run a
vanilla `yum install erlang` np, its just when you specify `yum install
erlang-18.3` you have issues with dependency resolution.

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