[erlang-questions] Convincing industry to use Erlang

Gilberio Carmenates García co7eb@REDACTED
Fri Nov 26 02:30:25 CET 2010

Hi Clara,

I know that this is not enough what I about to tell you but I hope you get
some help and orientation about it.
Having in consideration a test made maybe a year or two or maybe more ago, a
test of Erlang yaws web server against apache for php.
Where 4 000 concurrent clients made the apache web server goes down, And
Erlang yaws web server with more than 80 000 of concurrent
connections kept online and about to decrease de performance with that
number, that because the testers stopped it.

So, using ports in Erlang to handle the hardware that handles the lights and
the advantages for concurrency handle and the ability of
Erlang to communicate with others languages, they can do the intelligence
part perfectly in other language like Mozar/Oz and being able to program any
server application using Erlang without having nothing to do with the client
applications, a total uncouple policy. The database Mnesia is perfectly
right for that kind of applications since that seems to a telephony
applications in concurrence and fast and practical data store using
transactions like semaphores. Also the name Erlang!, makes the honors to the
Erlang algorithm to calculate the traffic bottle locks. That all and the
destiny makes Erlang one of the best choices for that project.


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Hi all,

I am currently involved in a proposal for a project with some companies 
in Spain. They want to develop an intelligent system for controlling 
street lighting.

Has anybody experience in this or in a similar kind of system? We would 
like to convince them to use Erlang. Any successful industrial stories 
with data (good performance, rapid development, etc.) compared to 
traditional programming languages that we could use?

Thanks in advance

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