[erlang-questions] SMP in emacs?

zabrane Mikael zabrane3@REDACTED
Fri Nov 5 21:40:50 CET 2010

Thanks a lot Scott.


2010/11/5 Scott Lystig Fritchie <fritchie@REDACTED>:
> zabrane Mikael <zabrane3@REDACTED> wrote:
> mz> Off topic question. Could someone please explain me what's the
> mz> benefits of this "+S" option (and the "+A" option by the way).
> The +A option allows you to specify the size of the I/O worker thread
> pool.  For moderate and high workloads that involve the local file
> system(*), you'll likely see a performance improvement by using it.
> -Scott
> (*) All UNIX variants that I'm aware of will ignore any request to
> perform asynchronous I/O on the local file system unless you explicitly
> use the async API.  And even the async API doesn't have async versions
> of some system calls like unlink(2).

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