Never trust a statistics you didn't forge yourself

Valentin Micic <>
Thu Feb 23 18:33:59 CET 2006

[can we put this bit of the argument to rest now and wave a few olive 
branches around - I have a program to write  ]

Would I ever hear, or be bothered reading about survey, let alone results, 
if the whole thing wasn't so-in-my-face? I don't think so.
Now that I did, I have to learn from it, otherwise, I spent all this time 
reading for no reason at all.
At this point, a good question is: WHAT CAN I LEARN FROM IT?
Can anybody, please, help me, for I can't figure it out. So for the lack of 
a better, I have to go with the stuff I already knew, i.e.

There is no such a thing as bad publicity. So next time, when I want to do a 
survey on promiscuity of horse hoarders in Mongolia, all I have to do is to 
piss-off some respected social worker in New York/Paris/London... and while 
I'm at it, may just as well throw that Joe has big ears, or somethin' ;-).
It's amazing how many fans Joe has. Well done Joe.


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