Packaging Erlang applications (was Re: Longstanding issues: structs & standalone Erlang

Vlad Dumitrescu XX (LN/EAB) vlad.xx.dumitrescu@REDACTED
Tue Feb 21 15:08:06 CET 2006

> - REPOS is the basis of our packaging method. I feel this 
> tools has been
>   highly underestimated as a medium to promote Erlang. Everytime I
>   have made an Erlang demo based on the multiplaform CDROM REPOS, the
>   audience was catch with a "wowww, that's cool" smile on their face.


Speaking for myself, I didn't underestimate it, I just assumed that if a
40MB download is too large then a 100MB one would be even more so :-)
REPOS is great if you can distribute a CD.

Now those other tools sond even more interesting! Looking forward to
trying them, and I might also find some time to get it to work on
Windows, but I can't promise anything.


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