Why no news

Bjarne Däcker <>
Tue Feb 21 09:45:26 CET 2006

I hope you didn't miss the call for papers for the ACM SIGPLAN Erlang Workshop.

That's news!

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  I have not been too active on the erlang list for a while.  It has been bugging me.  I have been developing software in JSP, .NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails and Python (we could do a much better web framework than rails or django IMHO).  It has been a learning experience but I have been beating myself up because weather my job requires it or not, I need to get back to erlang  (because it is better).  So, here I come, and my first stop www.erlang.org and I notice that first entry in the news section is from July 28, 2004.  Frightening, what is going on, are things slowing down, where the announcements of new things?  I know the list is active because I still lurk on it.  How about some more recent dates on the HP.


  Just a thought (and I realize I have done nothing to help things)





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