putty lock up connecting to ssh_sshd

ke.han ke.han@REDACTED
Sat Feb 18 13:33:39 CET 2006

I am starting ssh_sshd on a freebsd 6 server running erlang (starting 
from yaws).

1> ssh_sshd:listen(3322, [{user_passwords, [{"admin","admin"}]}]).

I then go to my windows client and run putty, connecting to port 3322 on 
the appropriate ip.
I receive the username and admin prompts to which I respectively reply 
admin and admin.
My terminal responds by showing my the erlang shell as expected but then 
putty accepts no further input.  Its simply locked up.

The erlang server does not show any errors (until I close putty and get 
a disconnect).

I have also tried to log in from a windows erlang shell with:

 ssh_ssh:connect("", 3322, []).

This first asks me if I want to accept the host address to which I reply 
"y". Then I get the following error on my erlang windows shell:

** exited: {error,enoent} **

again, no errors on the server shell.
If I do the same thing with the server name mapping instead of the ip, I 
get the same results.

Anyone else experience this?
thanks, ke han

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