Where to get Concurrent Programming in Erlang (2nd Edition)

Michael McDaniel <>
Fri Feb 10 17:39:23 CET 2006

   http://www.powells.com  had one recently ...

   Call the technical bookstore if you do not find title in their
   search engine.  Number is listed in their pages or main 
   bookstore can give you number.

   Also, for all of you coming to Portland in September I suggest
   you set aside some time and money to go to the Powell's 
   bookstores - Main and Technical.  You won't get out without
   buying *something* ! 

~Michael (not affiliated w/Powells other than a 25 year customer)

On Wed, Feb 08, 2006 at 09:32:51PM -0800, Jeff Crane wrote:
> It took me a month to save enough to drop 94$ on a
> retail book on erlang, now all the english copies are
> gone and some squatter is selling the last copy on
> Amazon used for 165$!!! Is anyone abroad able to
> locate and sell me an english copy of this book or
> know where I can order one?
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