Erlang Books...WAS Re: Where to get Concurrent Programming in Erlang (2nd Edition)

Thomas Lindgren <>
Thu Feb 9 21:40:54 CET 2006

--- Bruce Fitzsimons <> wrote:

> Hey I know this is a broken record, but are any new
> Erlang books getting 
> off the ground?
> It grieves me to think that <random pet OSS
> project>* can get a book 
> out, but Erlang can't. Erlang needs it so much more,
> hell, it probably 
> needs multiple books (Basics, OTP, Optimisation,
> Patterns, etc).
> I came across Joe's outline the other day, at 
> -
> very nice, but it 
> seems to have stalled some time ago. The online docs
> are v.nice (nice 
> job on R10) but speaking from experience I know that
> I needed the book 
> sometimes.
> I know we're all busy people doing real work, but
> this is becoming a 
> serious barrier to inducting new Erlang people. Is
> anyone progressing 
> anything?

If one speaks french, there is a more modern book
available, by our Mr. Remond.

However, that said, I fully agree -- there is plenty
of material which is not covered in the first book.
The original book itself could be updated to cover the
many important language features that have appeared
since the book was published, such as funs, records,
bit syntax, and so on. Furthermore, a book that
teaches OTP might be nice, as would be one that shows
people how to write good code; and to top it off,
perhaps a slim volume on getting along with mnesia?


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