Erlang Books...WAS Re: Where to get Concurrent Programming in Erlang (2nd Edition)

Bruce Fitzsimons <>
Thu Feb 9 12:35:36 CET 2006

Hey I know this is a broken record, but are any new Erlang books getting 
off the ground?

It grieves me to think that <random pet OSS project>* can get a book 
out, but Erlang can't. Erlang needs it so much more, hell, it probably 
needs multiple books (Basics, OTP, Optimisation, Patterns, etc).

I came across Joe's outline the other day, at - very nice, but it 
seems to have stalled some time ago. The online docs are v.nice (nice 
job on R10) but speaking from experience I know that I needed the book 

I know we're all busy people doing real work, but this is becoming a 
serious barrier to inducting new Erlang people. Is anyone progressing 


* Lucene, <VOIP framework x>, Joomla, etc etc

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