Re: Supervisor and configuration update — how to do it?

Bob Gustafson bobgus@REDACTED
Mon May 25 20:29:51 CEST 2020

To zero in on your exact situation:

1) Is your video stream continuous, or does it stop after 10 seconds?

2) Is the configuration change done manually by human, or is it done 
programmatically according to some preset criteria?

3) Could you save the whole video stream in one chunk and then 
after-the-capture, chop it into the desired size chunks?

4) following along with 3), you could cache the continuing stream and 
chop it into desired size chunks from the cache as the capture is 
continuing. Each chunk is saved and deleted from the past end of the 
capture cache.

Do any of these scenarios match your circumstances?


On 5/25/20 1:08 PM, Max Lapshin wrote:
> I'm afraid that I haven't got your idea.
> Look, I have a live video stream. It collects video frames into big
> chunks. There is a configuration setting that allows to change size of
> these chunks: from 1 seconds to 10 seconds.
> This configuration must be done without any restarts.
> How do you advice to do this configuration?

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