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Vance Shipley vances@REDACTED
Mon May 25 18:48:24 CEST 2020

On Mon, May 25, 2020 at 11:09 PM Tristan Sloughter <t@REDACTED> wrote:

> Hey Vance, the OpenCensus Erlang lib has support for metrics. The
> OpenTelemetry Erlang lib has very basic/limited support because the
> OpenTelemetry metrics spec has gone through fluctuation and uncertainty
> until last week. With that now fairly complete and stable I hope to get
> time in the near future (meaning weeks) to update the Otel metrics support.

That time frame probably works for me.  I am looking to modernize load
benchmarking in our CI/CD. When I look at the tooling the important
features are: automatic distribution, metrics visualization and easy
scenario authoring.  It seems to me that distribution should be done with
k8s and we'll use GKE so their monitoring gives us the pretty pictures, and
finally we'll be writing tests (and servers) in Erlang. Now if we can
funnel metrics into Google's Stackdriver we'll be golden.

If OpenTelemetry/OpenCensus solves my current (GCE) requirement and will be
portable to any future targets it's perfect. Unfortunately I'm not seeing
an Erlang library to Stackdriver pipeline yet however I've discovered the
answer to the matrix problem (many language libraries : many exporters) is
to converge on one "wire" format from the library to an agent collector on
the node. That fully featured agent implemented in Go gets the full list of
exporters.  However it's early days for this it seems:

So I would not advise using Otel if metrics are needed unless you are
> interested in helping contribute :)

We could do that although I can also probably make do with what metrics I
can collect adhoc for now and improve our reports when this stuff is ready
to test (pun intended).

Erlang/Elixir is an official SIG of the OpenTelemetry project but I have
> rolled it into the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation's Observability Working
> Group for handling meetings -- if you are wanting to help with the metrics
> development, or even if you aren't but are still interested, you are
> welcome to join our WG meetings.

I will, I have subscribed to the calendar.

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