[erlang-questions] Infix function and user-defined operators

Wed Jan 16 20:45:55 CET 2019

> >> I would appreciate for any feedback, suggestion from
> >> the community. Does it sounds any usable, still
> >> desired or total braindead?

I distantly recall C++-people fear the inventiveness of
programmers in (ab-?)using 'operator' ...

> >> What other
> >> use-case/applications you might imagine for infix
> >> notation?

Does infix-notation carry any inherent superiority apart
from people being used to infix-expressions? And: is that
set of expressions not more or less small and limited to
what they have learned in school, at college, ...?

I am (so far) missing only infix "B^E". Would unary-prefix
"ln A" and "e^A" mostly be used with a bracketed argument
anyway? would these be some real improvement compared
to log(A) and exp(A) ...?

Perhaps some 'in_module M' could clean away "math:" clutter
in calculations ... but I am drifting off topic ...



That which was said, is not that which was spoken,
but that which was understood; and none of these
comes necessarily close to that which was meant.

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