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Hi Eddie,
I'm in a similar situation--- planning soon to release a Nitrogen web application but feeling profound apprehension since I don't have a clear understanding of risks and how to minimize them.
No doubt the flip answer is, "It depends..." Are we talking cloud hosting or on-premises? What are projected traffic patterns? Etc. Etc.
But "It depends..." doesn't help folks like us who lack experience or organizational support.
One can find considerable information on the web covering firewalls, proxy servers, load balancers, site hardening, etc. But, like you, I've found little in the Erlang corpus that provides sufficiently clear patterns and guidelines to assuage my Erlang release/production apprehensions.
It may well be a book-length topic or more, but even a thoughtful, thorough tutorial, or even a checklist, would be helpful.
Please do let me know what you come up with.
All the best,
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I have followed zotonic for the last couple of years and am now interested in setting up a production server for zotonic.
I have just spent some time searching zotonic users and zotonic developers for an up to date guide on how you would go about developing and deploying zotonic to a production environment.
most of the links I found range from between 2010 - 2012.
I have looked through the zotonic documentation as well.
I have also installed locally using the zotonic full docker container and the manual install.
I am looking for a guide for Git / continuous integration / continuous deployment guide and any best practice tips.
Is something like this available?
Many thanks
Eddie L
(Uk based)-- 

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