[erlang-questions] Missing checksums for github.com/erlang/otp/releases

Gerhard Lazu gerhard@REDACTED
Sat Jan 12 20:28:05 CET 2019


> The bundler was mainly something I did because Ericsson needed it, but if
> it can be extended to be usefull to the open source community as well that
> would be great :)
> Keep in mind though that one of the things that bundle-otp does it
> associate a corba version with an Erlang/OTP version. This is only possible
> to automate for major and minor release, not for patches. So the
> otp-bundle.tar.gz should not be created for patches, but any GPG signing
> etc could be done for all tags.

I will have a go at modifying the .travis.yml to build & GPG sign
Erlang/OTP bundles when it detects a tag. I will leave bundle-otp
unmodified since it seems to server a different purpose. I figured out how
the resulting artefacts get published to github.com/erlang/otp/releases,
thank you!

I couldn't find your GPG key on sks-keyservers.net. Do you have one Lukas?
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