[erlang-questions] erlang QR code generation library

Wed Jan 2 18:39:56 CET 2019

Hey Craig,

Haven't heard from you for awhile. Hope you and your family are well and prospering.

I too would love to have QR code generation. But it's beyond me to write it.  I did run across an algorithm a few months ago, but memory fails me where. Quick web search gives me these:

https://www.thonky.com/qr-code-tutorial -- thorough but math heavy

I'm still working hard on Writersgeln--- but it goes slowly. I spent many months working on the erlpress PDF library that I released some weeks ago. I've done extensive work on it since, which tightens up the code and adds several important features. It's nearly ready to release, but other obligations have pulled me away. I've also spent considerable time trying to learn the many deployment options for Writersglen. I do hope to have some kind of viewable release of WG within the next six months.

All the best,


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On 2019年1月2日水曜日 13時34分14秒 JST Karlo Kuna wrote:
> Hello,
> it is 2019, can anyone recommend good open source QR code generation
> library for erlang (to PNG)?

I don't know of any, but I totally want to write one now.


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