[erlang-questions] remsh failing silently

Ben Hood 0x6e6562@REDACTED
Wed Jan 2 11:43:54 CET 2019

On Sun, Dec 30, 2018 at 2:34 PM Mikael Pettersson <mikpelinux@REDACTED> wrote:
> For the record, I just built OTP natively on
> powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu, and ^G works just fine there in the
> Erlang shell.
> I'd have to suspect your cross compilation setup.  Could be some
> ./configure test not doing the right thing in the cross compile case.

That sounds quite plausible.

This is the way that I configured the cross compile for ppc (I'm
trying to link openssl and ncurses statically, so that these versions
are independent of the package manager on the target machine).

There seems to be configure options to link openssl statically, but
fewer options for ncurses - does this look vaguely sane?

--disable-hipe \
--enable-smp-support \
--enable-threads \
--enable-kernel-poll \
--with-termcap \
--with-ssl=$(OPENSSL_DIST_PATH) \
--disable-dynamic-ssl-lib \
--build=$(BUILD_ARCH) \
--enable-native-libs \
-I$(OPENSSL_DIST_PATH)/include -mcpu=$(TARGET_CPU)
-mtune=$(TARGET_CPU) -O3 -pthread"

cd $(OTP_SRC_DIR) && erl_xcomp_sysroot=$(ERL_TOP) \
CC=$(CC) \
CXX=$(CXX) \
LD=$(LD) \
./configure $(CONFIGURE_ARGS) --prefix=$(OTP_INSTALL_DIR)

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