[erlang-questions] TLS handshake records don't handle fragments?

Ryan Stewart zzantozz@REDACTED
Tue May 1 19:23:52 CEST 2018

I've been getting handshake_failure alerts when trying to connect to a
particular server, and I think I've traced it to the fact that the TLS
records aren't being handled correctly with respect to fragments. In
particular, this server is sending a rather large "certificate request" to
allow for client cert auth, and the list is too long to fit in one TLS
record. That's breaking the TLS handshake in at least Erlang 18 and 19, I
believe. It's basically a mirror image of the problem described in
https://bugs.erlang.org/browse/ERL-83. That issue is with Erlang as the TLS
server. I'm seeing the same thing with it being the client. Is this
addressed somewhere?
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