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Historically no.

At present, we can limit processes and their memory usage.

In extension of the excellent response by Fred, this is yet another reason
as to why you might want to split your system. If parts of the system
proves to be unreliable, or expected to be so, then isolate them.

On the other hand, Erlang systems are usually good at fair scheduling among
processes, so if you can manage the memory pressure of the VM, it might be

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> On Wed, Aug 29, 2018 at 10:50 AM Code Wiget <codewiget95@REDACTED> wrote:
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> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > With many programming languages, it is easy to think of ways to separate
> projects into distinct micro services. With Erlang, I'm having trouble
> deciding on how to spread out functionality. Because the Erlang VM can run
> multiple different fully independent applications, it seems tedious to spin
> up 5 different Erlang VM’s to do different things when it could all be
> accomplished on one.
> I wonder in Erlang terms of 'application',  if running multiple
> applications in one single Erlang VM,   are there any ways to
> configure resource restrictions to each application,  at OTP
> Supervisor tree level  ?   like how much memory can it use at most,
> and CPU, network, ... etc
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