[erlang-questions] discourse for erlang

Joe Harrison jrh53@REDACTED
Sun Aug 26 22:18:17 CEST 2018

On 26/08/18 14:54, Tristan Sloughter wrote:
> I've been pushing this. Instead of having a custom built forum like
> erlangcentral used to have, just use discourse like every other language
> :). I also thought about setting it up myself and trying to get it
> adopted that way, but geez does it have a lot of moving parts.... But
> not going to divert this into a rant about Ruby on Rails projects...

Let me take the bait, then:

"The only officially supported installs of Discourse are Docker based."

I find this sad, and the reasoning even more tragic:


Several people (i.e. myself) may consider such complexity of forum
software to be criminal.

I may have dropped the DMARC bomb earlier (which is enough of a burden),
but I think that asking Raimo or anyone else to host Discourse counts as
cruel and unusual punishment.


On a more positive note, I find the mailing list archives to be a great
way to judge the "size" or popularity of discussions here. I can quickly
see names, topics, and the length of threads. If I want to search, my
mail client does a "good enough" job.

- Joe

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