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I've tried running corporate systems which reject mail that fails DMARC, I wouldn't recommend it. Google would never ever do it - you reject an astounding amount of legitimate email (including most email from Australian Government organisations like the new MyHealth system) and you very quickly get a C-level person demanding you "fix" the mail system. I was whitelisting ten+ domains a day until I gave in.

In terms of blocking spam, you'll achieve just about nothing. A high portion of spam these days comes from compromised mail accounts, which come "legitimately" from Office 365 or Gmail's own servers and successfully pass any SPF and DKIM rules in place, even where DMARC is setup to enforce as such - which is pretty rare.

Unfortunately this breakage does an awful lot more harm than good at this point, although I'd look forward to a future where this changes.

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Yes, it's an unfortunate breakage, but it's also a modern spam
mitigation technique, and it's slowly gaining steam amongst the bigger
free providers (there were rumours of gmail setting "p=reject" in 2017).

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