[erlang-questions] Problems with unpacking package

Yevhenii Kurtov yevhenii.kurtov@REDACTED
Mon Aug 13 21:36:21 CEST 2018

Hi everyone,

I'm having problem with unpacking release_handler:unpack_release .
Looking at
I understand that it's supposed to copy and  `releases/app_name.rel` into
`releases/<vsn>/app_name.rel` and then delete the origin file.

Somehow it doesn't work in my case:

- releases/<vsn>/app_name.rel is already present in an archive
- releases/<vsn>/app_name.rel is not there after upgrade
- releases/app_name.rel still there


$ mkdir /srv/apps/flowmail_web/releases/1.4.6+5aead53/
$ mv flowmail_web_1.4.6+5aead53.upgrade.tar.gz
$ ./bin/flowmail_web upgrade 1.4.6+5aead53
Release flowmail_web:1.4.6+5aead53 not found, attempting to unpack
Unpacked '1.4.6+5aead53' successfully!
Release flowmail_web:1.4.6+5aead53 is already unpacked, installing..
Installed release flowmail_web:1.4.6+5aead53
Updating config..
Made release flowmail_web:1.4.6+5aead53 permanent
$ ./bin/flowmail_web ping
grep: /srv/apps/flowmail_web/releases/1.4.6+5aead53/flowmail_web.rel: No
such file or directory
grep: /srv/apps/flowmail_web/releases/1.4.6+5aead53/flowmail_web.rel: No
such file or directory

## but it's present in an archive

$ tar -C /tmp/5aead53/ -zxvf
$ [ -f /tmp/5aead53/releases/1.4.6+5aead53/flowmail_web.rel ] && echo "File
exist" || echo "File does not exist"
File exist
$ [ -f releases/flowmail_web.rel ] && echo "File exist" || echo "File does
not exist"
File exist

There are no any special file permissions or anything like that
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