[erlang-questions] McErlang

zxq9 zxq9@REDACTED
Tue Oct 3 07:13:49 CEST 2017

On 2017年10月03日 火曜日 18:02:32 Richard A. O'Keefe wrote:
> I just downloaded McErlang today.
> I note that
>   - the last entry in NEWS is from 2011
>   - the last change in GitHub is 2 years ago
>   - I had to change the type :: record() to :: any() to
>     get it to compile, and there are numerous warnings
>     from the compiler, including an ambiguous call, and
>     of course lots of erlang:now() complaints.
>   - it was produced as part of an EU project which
>     appears to have come to an end, so there may not be
>     money to keep it up to date.
> I have got it to the point where it compiles, but given
> the date, I haven't dared to see what it does with maps.
> Now this looked like a very useful tool, but before I
> spend any time getting a clean compilation,
>   - is anyone else (still) using McErlang?
>   - has McErlang been replaced by something better that
>     I can afford?
>   - or should I just forget all about it?

I think this is *great*, at least in concept, if not in execution.
I had never heard of this before. It looks pretty dead, though.

Depending on the condition of the code I would be interested in patching
it to bring the thing up to date with changes in Dialyzer and Erlang,
but I don't have much time to contribute to that sort of thing for at
least a few more months.

Concurrent model testing in Erlang is a rather large gap we have that
tends to get covered by actual runs and post-mortem analysis. Which is
actually fine for the majority of cases (clearly; we've gotten this far)
but having a tool that can do for concurrent sequence testing what tools
like PropER can do for functional testing would be quite useful.

Definitely putting it on my list of things to sort...


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