[erlang-questions] Terminology for Rate Limiting

Dmitry Kolesnikov dmkolesnikov@REDACTED
Thu May 25 11:48:06 CEST 2017


I believe request (bandwidth) throttling is the applicable terminology.

May folks are using exponential back off as less naive solution

Token bucket is another approach

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> On May 25, 2017, at 9:14 AM, Brezal Campio <brezal.campio@REDACTED> wrote:
> For a some function which is the following:
>   - begin with request count at 0
>   - check current request count
>   - if current current is less than allowed requests
>     - spin up a new process
>     - way for some given time and reset count to 0
> This is a naive approach to rate limiting, but is there common terminology for something like this?
> I am interested in less naive approaches to rate limiting requests as well if anyone is willing to point in the right direction.
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