[erlang-questions] VM with 32MB RAM

Dmitry Kolesnikov dmkolesnikov@REDACTED
Mon Jul 10 20:24:29 CEST 2017

> On 10 Jul 2017, at 21.15, Tristan Sloughter <t@REDACTED> wrote:
> As for why it defaults to embedded, this is simply because in a release you've built for your project it is expected you have included only what is needed. 

How does it make a decisions what is needed? As far I re-call, it is made at high level only. If you app uses application A that use B and C then all apps are included into release and their code is loaded into memory  even if feature of A that uses C is not ever called from my application, right? or it appliance heuristic and pick only the modules that definitely used by the application (in this case C will not be ever included into release)? 

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