[erlang-questions] VM with 32MB RAM

Tristan Sloughter t@REDACTED
Mon Jul 10 20:15:03 CEST 2017

> For specialist systems, you could create cut down versions of your applications to only include the modules you are actually using. You are likely to need all of kernel, but beyond that there is scope for minimization ☺
Right, you can use `exclude_modules` in the relx config to achieve this.
As for why it defaults to embedded, this is simply because in a release you've built for your project it is expected you have included only what is needed. Interactive is important for say running the shell during development because you don't want to load the entirety of OTP everytime you pull up `erl`. When that isn't an issue why push load time to when the code is actually called in production instead of getting it done up front.
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