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james james@REDACTED
Sat Jul 8 21:08:47 CEST 2017

> Actually they are inherently concurrent - you can think of toggle
> buttons as processes
I disagree.  When I click two buttons I expect the side effects to occur 
and for the effects of my actions to occur in exactly the order in which 
I click and
with no race conditions introduced by technology behind the scenes. The 
UI is
a representation of state and I am directly manipulating it.

Display of async events from external sources, which is inherently racey 
with me,
that's another matter.

Your messaging analogy only works if there is a way to allow the system to
quiesce and the visuals update before the user can make another action,
or to force all UI events to go through a single queue and to ensure 
that the
'button clicked' message has been placed in that queue before the user can
interact again.

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