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Lars-Åke Fredlund lfredlund@REDACTED
Wed Jul 5 15:16:34 CEST 2017

And obviously, in the context of the Erlang world, the University of 
Otago is known for the famous Richard A. O'Keefe :-)

So maybe you could suggest to your Vice-Chancellor a contextual combined 
logo targeted towards computer science/computer industry which includes 
the general university logo and a picture of your face. Please let me 
know his/her reaction to your suggestion :-)


On 05/07/17 11:51, Loïc Hoguin wrote:
> You missed the keyword *visual*. Images are very persuasive and 
> they're one important aspect of a brand. It's not the entire 
> representation of a brand, however.
> I would argue that famous alumnees are a more important image for a 
> University brand. If your University was creating the Bill Gates and 
> Warren Buffet(s) of the world, you'd probably want a picture of them 
> instead of your logo.
> Otherwise, a University has little more imagery than its logo, and 
> perhaps a few landmarks. So he's not incorrect in his statement.
> On 07/05/2017 03:20 AM, Richard A. O'Keefe wrote:
>> My University is about to go through a process of redesigning its logo.
>> I'm interested in whether having a logo, a "brand", actually matters
>> for a University.  Obviously it does for soap, tinned soup, and so on.
>> Some of you are at Universities, and some of you are at companies that
>> hire graduates from Universities, and some of you are graduates from
>> Universities or considering (further) study.  So there should be some
>> overlap with the target audience of a logo.
>> So I was wondering if anyone had any strong opinions about Universities
>> and logos, and better yet, any evidence.
>> According to the Vice-Chancellor,
>>   The University logo is the most prominent visual aspect of
>>   the overarching University brand. Continuity and consistency
>>   of logo use is the most valuable asset a brand has.
>>   This is what builds recognition and awareness for an organisation,
>>   it is the foundation on which the visual identification of
>>   the University is built.
>> You might be as surprised as I was that reputation, quality, price,
>> published research, patents, and so on are not as valuable to a
>> University brand as a logo.  You might also be surprised that
>> visual recognition of a University is so important.  (Imagine
>> the Prime Minister at the supermarket.  "I'll have a kilo of
>> University of Otago, please.  No, not that.  That's the logo
>> with an *open* book, I want the one with the *closed* book.")
>> Well, I guess I'll never be smart enough to be a VC.
>> You might also be puzzled that if "Continuity and consistency
>> of logo use is the most valuable asset a brand has" introducing
>> discontinuity and inconsistency by changing the logo could
>> ever be desirable.  If so, you have overdosed on the Logic pills.
>> I know I have!
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