[erlang-questions] managing reconnects in alternate http clients

Garry Hodgson garryh@REDACTED
Mon Jan 23 18:10:18 CET 2017

We've been looking at replacing our use of httpc with some other http 
client like Hackney or Gun. Both of those clients have the feature that 
they keep live connections to servers, reconnecting as needed. This is 
generally a Good Thing, but is problematic in our environment. We are 
using SDP (Software Defined Perimeter), which requires that we send a 
special SPA packet to effectively do a port knock to open port before 
connecting. The port knock opens a pinhole firewall on server side that 
will allow connect from client for a short time. Otherwise all connects 
are ignored (drop all firewall rule).

So my question is, can this reconnect feature be disabled in either Gun 
or Hackney? Or is there some hook we could use to pass a "grease the 
skids" fun to be called first when reconnecting?

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