[erlang-questions] Overloaded function specifications as types

Dániel Szoboszlay dszoboszlay@REDACTED
Mon Jan 23 12:32:05 CET 2017

> > -spec bar(fun((integer()) -> integer()) | fun((atom()) -> atom())) -> ok.
> > %% Allows fun erlang:atom_to_list/1, which doesn't work on integers at
> all.
> I'm seriously confused as I do not see anything related to lists here...
> Can you elaborate?
I'm sorry, editing mistake! atom_to_list is of course not a good example.
(I started off with different code samples and edited them a couple of

The correct example would be a function that only takes atoms and returns
atoms. E.g.

good_example(ok) -> ok;
good_example(Other) when is_atom(Other) -> error.
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