[erlang-questions] Problem with binary_to_term on different machines

Michel Boaventura michel.boaventura@REDACTED
Thu Jan 19 04:14:55 CET 2017

Hi all,

I've build erlang 19 from scratch on my gentoo machine but can't use
dialyzer, because it complains my beam files weren't compiled with

I've read and debugged a log of dialyzer and erlang code and find out the
issue is that for some reason erlang can't parse the abstract part of the

To check this I save the abstract part on a file and tried to parse it on
my gentoo machine and on a Ubuntu server I have access. For some reason I
don't know it reads with no problem Ubuntu but gives me an invalid arg on

I'm very new to erlang and have no clue of how to debug further. The binary
is attached and I'm reading it like:

{ok, [Binary]} = file:consult("Abstr").
Term = binary_to_term(Binary).

ps: I've sent a message similar to this one on this list, but since it was
my first one I think it wasn't accepted (and I do apologize for the double
post if you received it). But after it I've discovered the problem with
binary_to_term, so that message isn't so useful anyway.
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